Our Story

The best part about our Plant Plastikz® products is that they contain no petroleum. Zero, zilch, nada. Our products are 100% made from an annually renewable resource- Sugarcane!. With us, there is no more fracking, cleaner skies, clearer sunsets, and a stand against climate change that protects a world that needs it.

Our Impact

A Pledge to Create Cleaner Skies & Oceans

Our oceans can’t be sacrificed, but with plastics, that’s exactly what is happening. The deadly Legacy of plastic leaves an estimated estimated 270,000 tons of plastic floating on the world’s seas, where it threatens more than 700 marine species with its presence. Further, there is growing evidence that plastics play a role in rising extinction rates. Plastic tossed into our oceans and lakes or washed away in our rivers chokes and smothers a host of marine animals and habitats and can take hundreds of years to break down.

All of Plant Plastikz® products are certified compostable, which means they’re biodegradable and break down in just months when disposed of in an industrial composting facility. Disposable products used for mere moments shouldn't last forever — that's why ours don't!


The brand you can trust

Our Vision

Our Vision: A Plastic-Free Future

Our vision at Plant Plastikz® is to offer high-quality, compostable, plant-based, petroleum-free alternatives for as many single-use, disposable, petroleum-based, household plastic products as possible. We believe that products used for mere moments should not last
lifetimes on land or in our oceans.

Together, we can break free from plastic and envision a future where natural, renewable resources supply what we need for day-to-day living. This is our step toward sustainability, and we hope you will join us.