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Nike’s Plant Color Collection To Be Released In Summer 2019

Nike’s Plant Color Collection To Be Released In Summer 2019

Pastel and muted tones are the crowd favorites this 2019. Nike knows how to give their consumers what they love, so they came up with a palette called Nike Plant Color Collection. Their collection doesn’t just pique the interests and the hearts of their fans, but it also aims to make an effort in helping the environment. This new will be part of the summer 2019 capsule and will showcase alternative ways to make color.

“This summer’s footwear demonstrates beautiful, new ways to approach color, construction andmaterial innovation. Inspired by alternative ways to make color, the Nike Plant Color Collection, featuring the Air Max 95 and the Blazer Low, uses plant-based dye.” According to Nike’s website. 
While there are studies that say using plant-based dyes aren’t necessarily as safe as we wouldlike to think—as it would still depend on the production of these dyes if they are 100% eco-friendly, we’re hoping for the best that Nike is really passionate about keeping their productssafe for the environment.

The textile industry is considered the second largest polluter of clean water. Globally, it leaves behind hazardous chemicals that pollute the world’s water sources. Efforts from big companies like Nike can really make a difference, especially if they decide to choose sustainable alternatives.

The best way to improve textile issues is to recycle, recycle, and recycle. Not only that it avoids a landfill of harmful chemicals, it also lessens the use of energy in the production process. Nike has seen an opportunity in recycling and it definitely deserves an entire collection.

Nike has two more releases that aim for sustainable production of their shoes. One is the Flyleather Earth Day Pack that combines Nike’s recycled leather with artist Steven Harrington’svery unique style that has aesthetic about love for the planet. The second is VaporMax 2 Random which uses the excess Flyknit yarn. These yarns were meant to be disposed, but instead Nike decided that these materials could be used again and be made into another collection.
Noel Kinder, Nike’s new Chief Sustainability Officer also talks about the importance of preserving the planet for Nike’s long-term growth. He says that Nike will soon begin to source 100% renewable energy in Europe. There’s also a partnership between Nike and Avangrid in North America which means that the company will reach 75% of renewable energy in global levels.

"These partnerships catapult us ahead of the timeline that we outlined three years ago when we joined RE100," Kinder says, "a coalition of businesses pledging to source 100 percent renewable energy across all operations."
If you’re looking forward to this eco-friendly and fashionable release, Summer 2019 isn’t such a long wait.