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Solar Power Is Easy To Access In Massachusetts

Solar Power Is Easy To Access In Massachusetts



Solar Power Is Easy To Access In Massachusetts 

The ingenious discovery of the use of solar power to create a sustainable World has given hope to humankind. The potential of solar energy goes beyond imagination: it's sustainable, eco-friendly, low maintenance, and, most importantly, a renewable energy source.

Expensive? Of course. Otherwise, anyone would be able to benefit from it.

Luckily, not all ingenious discoveries come at such a high cost.  Residents of Massachusetts can now easily decrease their greenhouse gas emissions -- even without buying or applying solar panels to their roofs.


This advancement is possible thanks to CleanChoice energy, a renewable energy company that offers 100% renewable electricity to their customers which cuts down on the equivalent of over 3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. CleanChoice energy supports local wind and solar farms, giving the choice of a cleaner energy supply to homes and businesses that want to become sustainable.

By signing up with CleanChoice energy, you agree to pay   

New sentence: The amount you pay for your subscription is based on the total power generated by your share provided from the solar farm. The energy produced from your share of the Community Solar farm will appear as "bill credits" on your utility bill and consequently reduce the total of your electricity bill. 


This amazing project is owned by SunRaise Investments, which has made possible the existence of the largest solar and energy storage installation of Massachusetts, with 7.1 MW Happy Hollow Community Solar  plus  3.3 MWh of energy storage.


For those who wish to have solar panels over their heads but have never been able to afford it, this solution is definitely easy to reach. Not only is buying this expensive equipment not required, but trees around your house will be safe as they won’t need to be cut down to allow sunlight to reach the solar panels. 


Community solar projects like this one help  us to believe that we can still thrive through the issues brought about by climate change, and do our part to counteract it. Expectantly, more companies and consumers of energy will turn their eyes towards these types of initiatives. Today, our most important universal priority is to continue to seek and implement all possible solutions to create a sustainable planet.

The existence of clean energy is made even greater, when it can easily be accessed by anyone.

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