About Us

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Every action we take as a business has a consequence, so we have taken steps to lower the carbon emissions that come from our manufacturing. Plant Plastikz products take less energy to make than traditional disposables and we work to reduce carbon emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of our compostable goods. We also partner with environmental and social organizations whose programs not only offset our carbon emissions but engage local communities.

According to the EPA, over 26 million tons of petroleum-based plastic ends up in U.S. landfills alone each year. With human activity testing the limits of our planet’s bio-capacity, we need to find better ways to tread lightly. Choosing eco-friendly products is one way to aid our ailing environment, so we created Plant Plastikz to provide you with plant based, sustainably made products that are designed to transform into healthy, new soil through composting.

convenient, eco friendly products for your everyday activities and events.

Plant Plastikz, designed for the All-Natural Eco friendly Lifestyle, shares enjoyment in your life’s ventures while helping you use renewable resources, promote zero waste and minimize the impact to the environment. 


We believe compostable products made from renewable resources are the answer to reducing our dependence on conventional plastic materials and their harm to this planet.