Brazilian Sugarcane Cling Wrap

  • PlantPlastikz FOOD WRAP: Extend foods' freshness with PlantPlastikz Cling Wrap food wrap which grips tightly while keeping air out with a safe & secure seal that clings to variety of surfaces
  • PlantPlastikz food ClingWrap will cling to multiple surfaces including glass, metal & wood to keep leftovers fresh & prevent unwanted odors whether transporting dinner or Sunday meal prep
  • CLING TIGHT WITHOUT A FIGHT: PlantPlastikz ClingWrap grips tight, seals easy & is an ideal clinging wrap for steaming, protecting & reheating food with superior cling technology that provides longer freshness
  • MULTIPURPOSE PLASTIC WRAP: PlantPlastikz Food ClingWrap was designed for a busy kitchen but doubles as a household staple for wrapping & storing everyday items with a superior, easy to use cling for all ages

Our eco-friendly Cling Wrap is certified by BPI®, European ASTM D6400 & EN13432 to be 100% compostable. 

We strive for environmental friendliness by providing  Certified Compostable Products made solely from Renewable and Sustainable Plant Resources - ZERO WASTE. ZERO GUILT.  All contents including recyclable packaging are PLASTIC FREE!